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Miami's Best Book Club Since 1988

    • October 26, 2022
    • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Temple Israel - Wolfson Auditorium, 137 NE 19 Street Miami FL 33132
    • 187

    About Dani

    Dani Shapiro is a best-selling novelist and memoirist and host of the podcast Family Secrets (now in its seventh season). Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vogue, and Time. She has taught at Columbia and New York University and is the co-founder of the Sirenland Writers Conference. She lives in Litchfield County, Connecticut..

    About the Book

    Signal Fires opens on a summer night in 1985. Three teenagers have been drinking. One of them gets behind the wheel of a car, and, in an instant, everything on Division Street changes. Each of their lives, and that of Ben Wilf, a young doctor who arrives on the scene, is shattered. For the Wilf family, the circumstances of that fatal accident will become the deepest kind of secret, one so dangerous it can never be spoken.

    On Division Street, time has moved on. When the Shenkmans arrive—a young couple expecting a baby boy—it is as if the accident never happened. But when Waldo, the Shenkmans’ brilliant, lonely son who marvels at the beauty of the world and has a native ability to find connections in everything, befriends Dr. Wilf, now retired and struggling with his wife’s decline, past events come hurtling back in ways no one could ever have foreseen.

    In Dani Shapiro’s first work of fiction in fifteen years, she returns to the form that launched her career, with a riveting, deeply felt novel that examines the ties that bind families together—and the secrets that can break them apart. Signal Fires is a work of haunting beauty by a masterly storyteller.


    Publisher: Knopf

    Photo credit: Beowulf Sheehan

    About the Luncheon

    • Books: Registrants will pick up their books at the luncheon.
    • Guests: Non-members are welcome to attend up to two luncheons per season. Members may bring with them an unlimited number of non-member guests, as long as the guests, individually, abide by the above Non-member Guest policy.
    • Registration: Pre-registration is required. Registration closes October 24, 2022.
    • Payment: Pre-payment is required.
    • Cancellation Policy: Refunds will not be allowed for cancellations received after registration closes, and no-shows.

    Updated 9/14/2022


    • November 01, 2022
    Registration will open soon for:

    November 10 

    Elizabeth Strout - LUCY BY THE SEA

    December 8 


    January 18 or 19 Pending final confirmation

    Emma Straub - THIS TIME TOMORROW

    February 16 


    March 15 

    Hernan Diaz - TRUST

    April 26 

    Leila Mottley - NIGHTCRAWLING

    Updated 9/2/2022

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